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crusherX-Studio! 4.25
granular synthesis VST plugin

crusherX-Studio! 4.25 is the pure and native VST plugin version of crusherX-Live! for Windows PCs. Its powerful realtime granular vapor synthesizer algorithm enables you to synthesize very complex sounds and cool surround waves. Features: 120 presets, stereo and 10 channel surround VST plugin with VST-Editor, free assignable VST realtime parameters, real time MIDI and Joystick control, quatization to host, Physical modelling X/Y controller.

it is more than sound... it is more than music ... it is the crusher!
it is the crusher... for your studio!

What's new?
With crusherX-Studio! 4 you will explore new static sound dimensions: Stop the live grain buffer and load your favorite audio file into the vapor buffer. Let the grains dance on your file and trust your ears! Play this cloud with your midi keyboard. Run the live vapor buffer mode and save the content of the current buffer to disk at any time. Starting and stopping the live vapor mode will not create transitions because a smooth small fading is automatically calculated. You can now use over 140 predefined and assigned plug-In parameters to control the plug from your host. With the new sizable and separated Cloud 3D window you can view the grains in detail. crusher-Studio! 4 supports Windows 8.